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The Benefits of Preplanning: An Interview with Mary

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The Benefits of Preplanning: An Interview with Mary

The Benefits of Preplanning: An Interview with Mary

Mary's experience of discussing end-of-life wishes is illustrative of some of the benefits that can be realized by going through the funeral preplanning process.

Funeral.Market (FM): Good afternoon, Mary. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. Can you tell us about your journey in helping your elderly parents preplan their funerals?

Mary: Of course, I'd be happy to. It's been quite a meaningful journey. About five years ago, my parents, both in their 80s, decided to start discussing their end-of-life wishes. They wanted to ensure that their preferences were honored, and they didn't want to burden my brother and me with the responsibility of making difficult decisions while grieving. We began by researching local funeral homes and discussing various aspects of their funerals, from the type of service to their preferred burial plot.

FM: That's commendable. Can you share some of the benefits you've seen from this preplanning process?

Mary: Certainly. First and foremost, it brought our family closer together. We had open conversations about their final wishes, which allowed us to better understand their desires and values. Preplanning also alleviated the emotional and financial burdens we might have faced later. When my father passed away last year, everything was in place, and we could focus on mourning and celebrating his life without the stress of organizing a funeral. Moreover, preplanning ensured that every detail was in accordance with their wishes, making the process more respectful and personal. It's been a valuable and meaningful experience for our family.

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